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The easiest way to volunteer.


How to Beta Test POINT: 

POINT is out on Apple's Test Flight program. It's like where baby apps live and grow before they move out to the app store. (Yes, sadly, POINT is currently iPhone only). Download the app and do some good in Columbus, OH. If you have questions, contact us


STEP 1:  Fill out this form.  

STEP 2: Wait for a Test Flight email invitation that will come to your Apple ID email address. 

STEP 3: Download Test Flight, then open Test Flight and click “install” on the right hand side.

STEP 4: Go to your home screen and POINT will be there. Open it and find an event ✊.


Apps are real expensive.

We're keeping the POINT app free to use, so any gift is big. We've got server costs, cloud fees, developer payments and more. (Oh, and all donations are tax deductible.) Thanks for making POINT happen.