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POINT gives you freedom to fit a little more good in your day and tap (literally) into the causes that matter most to you. No guilt trips, just a chance to stop scrolling and do something good in real life.

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Want to do something good, but don’t know where to start? POINT makes it easy to find things you care about. Simply tap "go" to do more good, in real life.

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Find local charities

We get it. It's hard to connect with local nonprofits if you don't know their name. On POINT, you can explore causes you care about to find lists of verified 501c3 charities - from tiny neighborhood nonprofits to local chapters of national organizations. Find a few you love? Follow them so you never miss their events.


Do good on your time

Balancing work, school, a social life, your family, and a healthy lifestyle can be hard, we feel you. That's why we make it real simple to find volunteer events for the times you're free - even if its last minute. Plus, we track your impact so you can see how all those little free moments add up to something amazing.


Show up with friends

It can be nerve racking to do something new, but don’t worry, you’re not going it alone. You can share events with your friends, and rally the squad to do good first and brunch after. You can even see who else is signed up for any event so you’re not going in blind.

Bring POINT to your city.

We're probably not in your city yet, but we want to be. Invite a person or a whole organization to get on POINT, it will help us get to you faster. See you soon 😉.



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Care about a lot? So do we.

All of the causes we highlight on the POINT app are inspired by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals for a better global future. But global change starts at home. Explore our causes to find local nonprofits working to improve these in your city.

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No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.