16 things POINT did in 2016.

If you have no idea what’s happening at POINT because 2016 continually slapped you in the face all year, here’s a quick recap: 

1. We didn’t get the app out (yet).

If you keep looking around the app store looking for POINT we aren’t there yet, and for good reason. Our team has been kicking butt as we close out the year and we’re closer than ever to releasing a product worthy of the wait. 

2. We tested the app.

We’ve been doing private beta testing with groups of people but there are bugs we are fixing before we release to the masses. Thanks to these tests we’re working out unnecessary kinks; it’s like we’ve had our own YouTube comments section unleashed on us. But constructively. 

3. We built an internal development team.

At the end of 2015, we recruited developers after a saga of trying to find the right development company. We came into 2016 with scraps and damaged egos. End of 2016, we have a team for 4 developers at POINT, 2 products and our own API. I’m trying to sound chill as I type this but it’s freaking amazing and sometimes I dance in public thinking about our team. 

4. Our chapter and representatives raised $ 3,025.04.

Uhm, hi, that’s huge. Way to change some lives, guys. 

5. We thought: “How are we going to keep POINT alive?”

This year we made a plan on how to keep POINT running. (This was a big focus). In 2017, we will charge businesses to track their corporate volunteering in order for financial sustainability. More to come. 

6. We built a web dashboard.

Speaking of #5, we built a web dashboard for both businesses and charities to use POINT. We know administrators utilize web more than mobile, so we built something entirely for them. So, POINT not only has an app but also a web dashboard (!!), ergo #3’s mention of our second product.

7. We got our internal selves together.

We’ve updated lots of internal materials at HQ. It’s not glamorous but it makes us more efficient moving forward. 

8. We shot commercials.

We want to hit the ground running in 2017, so we’ve worked out our marketing material already. Including some pretty cute commercials. (Kinda wish we had recorded the HQ team’s reaction. Priceless.)

9. We recruited some pretty great people to use POINT.

We’ve asked some people to become featured users on POINT. From national geographic explorers to awarded humanitarian photographers. If you know of someone you want to see on POINT, let us know. 

10. We bonded.

POINT fam pizza parties anyone? Our CEO has been to the west coast and back because we understand being face to face with our team is not only important to create a good product, but it’s good for us as a team. 

11. We’ve wrestled with Apple.

More like waited very patiently in despair in the weeks between their emails. It’s like when your date texts you every 3 days. We now technically have the name “pointapp” on the app store… but the drama continues. 

12. We sent photographers loose on a project.

If you are photographer and are into street photography hit us up. You wanna be on this, trust us.

13. We started to work out volunteering.

We’ve not only tested the app but we’ve made relationships with charities, like Ronald McDonald House, to work out how volunteering using POINT is going to work. 

14. We became POINT Global, officially.

So if you’re trying to write us a donation check… 

15. We know where we’re going.

We know what we need to do in 2017 and how to get there *fingers crossed*.

16. We’ve blogged our hearts out.

This year we blogged so much we broke our blog. Thanks for reading. 

Thank you for this year, for being with us and cheering us on.
Photo Madison Mikhail
Madison Mikhail
CEO & Founder at POINT

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