Your voice, your vote.

Today was election day. Hope all you POINTers voted!

When you vote, it is you sharing your voice. We all know that our vote is the only way for our opinion to truly be factored in to the decision making process (You probably know this, but we wanted to remind you just in case you forgot).

Here at POINT, there is another big decision coming up. People are out there looking to invest in new tech and social enterprises. POINT has the potential to be amazing- but to our future investors, it is unclear if the market (AKA YOU) wants something more meaningful than the social media interaction that already exists.

The only way to show them that we want something better is by voting- and the only way to vote for POINT is by either contributing to our fundraising campaign (even if it’s just $5), or using your voice on social media. And we need A LOT of people to vote.

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So if you’re sitting back and waiting till the POINT app is out before you engage, you might be waiting forever. We promise investors are watching, and if they don’t see that you want it, it might never come.

Let’s take charge of the decisions about what it is that we want- You are the market, so speak up loud and clear.

Let them know that we want a simple, reliable, connected solution to charity.

Go Vote (for POINT!) igg.me/at/pointapp

From your POINT #BossLady and #BlogBoss,

Madison and Sarah.

Photo Madison Mikhail
Madison Mikhail
CEO & Founder at POINT

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