The girl who wouldn’t sell cookies door to door

Ever had to sell overpriced tinned cookies, popcorn, Christmas wrapping paper or other tchotchke door to door for a school fundraiser? If you haven’t, you can go kiss your elementary school principle’s feet now – because I have two words for you: Sheer Terror.

I can’t remember much about selling these goods door to door, partially because it was such a traumatic experience that I have blocked it from my memory. I only remember one enjoyable moment as I would skip over to my first house on my hit list. The lady across the street, Miss Elennor, genuinely (or so it seemed) enjoyed ordering my overpriced processed food and wrapping paper. After that one house, it was sweat and the shakes from there on out.

My extreme detestation for fundraising stems from 3 origins.

  1. Confidence isn’t always my strong suit. (#fakeittillyoumakeit)
  2. I don’t like asking anything of anyone.
  3. The word “fundraising” is naturally uncomfortable.

The triple threat leaves me paralyzed.

To move forward, I have learned there are some issues you must muster up the courage to face. If I see a need, I believe it’s my responsibility to alleviate or fix it. There are some things worthy of fundraising for.

POINT is worth fundraising for. This was my Christmas wish: that others would see POINT was worth it too, and support.

Photo By RICCI from  yourdesignpartner.com

This campaign has felt both uncomfortable and seemingly impossible. (And I thought selling wrapping paper was hard…) Yet, at the same time these last 56 days were rewarding and “worth it”. The idea of a social media for charity would never get off the ground if our team did what was comfortable. Asking for support isn’t comfortable and neither is giving! However together (we who are asking and you who are giving), can create a tool to change how our society engages with charity. 

Photo Madison Mikhail
Madison Mikhail
CEO & Founder at POINT

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.