Miss Goody-Two-Shoes to the High School Bully

I’m what you call – “that girl”.

Today, (I’m now realizing) I cooked eggs, that I was too scared to eat, for the animals who live in wooded patch in back of my apartment. (I don’t really know if that’s good but raccoons eat anything). I picked up litter on my walk to my apartment, saved an ant in the bathtub and cleaned the office mess that wasn’t mine to clean. I’m not looking for a pat on the back, I’m only simply making a point: I can’t help it, I like helping.

In school, I was teased horribly for being the “Miss Goody-Two- Shoes”. I specifically remember not helping or volunteering for fear of being reprimanded by some of my peers. People have always expected me to help.

Now, Let me tell you about my friend Miles. Miles smooshed a freshman girl into her locker on her first day of school. He made fun of the nerds and disrespected the majority of the school. (Don’t worry, I got permission to write this…) Miles was what you may call a bully or “that guy”. No one expected Miles to help.

Helping requires a sacrifice. The sacrifice is different for every person – comfort, reputation, time, money and possibly your life.

Your life? That sounds drastic.

It is.

Helping doesn’t often require putting your physical life down for another. But at POINT we still believe that when you change one life, you will change your own.

When I made small changes in others’ lives with my “goody-two-shoes” acts, despite the chastisement, I gained confidence and my life changed. I realized that the more I noticed others needs, the more opportunity I had to change lives just by living my day to day life.

When Miles decided to hang out with the homeless guys on campus because he saw they were invisible to his society, he gained perspective and his life changed as well. As a result, I went on to start POINT, and Miles went on to start a thriving homeless ministry, the Bridge and the Fringe App, affecting the entire community.

Photo Credit: Miles Miller

You never know where helping someone else can take you. Don’t freak out, not everyone who decides to help suddenly starts an organization or app. But your perspective will change. For Miles and I, our perspective changed and therefore our lives changed, drastically.

I’m here to tell you that where ever you may fall in the spectrum from miss goody-two-shoes to the high school bully, helping is for you. Whether people may or may not expect you connect with charity, the door is open. And when you start helping – like my friend Miles – you will be surprised how many people will follow your example.

What in your life would change if your perspective changed?

Think about it,
Photo Madison Mikhail
Madison Mikhail
CEO & Founder at POINT

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.