Never have I ever written a blog post.

In the first grade, my teacher would kindly put her hand on my shoulder during spelling exams to assure me that I would, in fact, survive though I was sure to either fail or barely pass.

(I apparently was also a suck up).

(I apparently was also a suck up).

In the fifth grade, I’m almost positive I was the only person out of all the 5th grade classes not to make the preliminary, all inclusive, first round of the spelling bee. In high school, I decorated my teachers room with some of his favorite sayings – only to butcher his iconic phrase “Chin high to a cereal bowl”, resulting in “Chin high to a cerael bowel”.

I historically fail at all things involving the English language.

Therefore, if one post is not kindly edited by my roommate/best friend Amber, my fiancé Michael, or the Blog Boss herself

– You’ll know.

I have come to learn I fail at many things.

I’m thankful for my failures, it gives me room to learn and room for the Lord to succeed. Failures are evidence of effort. As I have learned with the development of POINT (formerly ONELIFE), behind every failure was journey worth walking and a cliff worth jumping. This past week the team started a new venture. We learned through our failures and successes what we needed to do to better connect our peers with charity. Failure leads to learning, knowledge, perseverance, and character – but only if you choose to be willing to fail again.

Join me as I share my failures and thoughts,

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Photo by Ritter Collective

Photo by Ritter Collective

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Madison Mikhail
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