The Organization Formerly Known as ONELIFE

If we have been on your radar for a while. you might know us best as ONELIFE with the catchphrase See, Help, Tell, and you may have been a little confused or surprised by our change to POINT. While our main purpose is still to connect people to charity in the best way possible, we are adjusting how we do that. ONELIFE was based off a website where people could go to See needs on our interactive world map, find out how to Help through the reliable charities that we approved, and Tell by sharing what they were doing with friends, or wearing ONELIFE swag.

We are still on Facebook as OneLife! Click the pic to like us and stay updated!

Our mission to connect people to charity in a simple way hasn’t changed, but we are moving away from a website based charity hub to an app – the central POINT for all things charity. We figured that if the average American checks their phone 110 times a day, we can use a few of those to help others! We want to be a social media centered on people sharing the good things that are going on in the world. Now, what else is new with Point?

Until the app launches, check out PointApp.org

~ We have reviewed and approved charities for any need you can think of. That way you know that when you give money to these causes, it’s ACTUALLY going to help the cause. Additionally, Point is privately funded (more on this later). One hundred percent of any donation you make through our app goes directly to the charity you want to support. Our private donors make things – like building apps, paying employees, and promoting Point – possible so that we can ensure that your contribution goes exactly where you want it.

~ Sometimes you have absolutely no idea where to start! What needs are the most prevalent? We’ve got you covered. We did our homework and found out the top needs around the globe. Just explore the app and find the cause you feel most passionate about, whether it is local or global!

~ What are other people doing to serve in your area? If you decided to start serving your community, would you know any one doing the same thing? It’s scary to go to a service event and not know anyone, we totally get that. That’s where the interactive part of the app comes in. There’s a live feed where users can post what is going on in their area and share about the service they are doing for the community. Now you can connect with various service organizations in your community from your phone!

We are your central POINT for all things charity. We may have changed our name, we may have changed our media platform, but our goal has been and always will be to make charity more accessible to you.

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Lindsey Schad
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