Guest Post: Allie Bond

Today's Meet Us Monday is by a special guest blogger from POINT's Cedarville University chapter. Since we are currently in the middle of fundraising to make POINT app a reality and connect people to charity (, we asked our chapter members to respond to the question "What does charity mean to you?" 

This guest post was written by Allie Bond. Allie fills the role of Secretary on POINT at Cedarville University’s Exec Board, and they could simply not function without her! She is a Senior Applied Communications major with hopes of serving full-time in a non-profit organization when she graduates in May. Allie helps POINT at CU to stay on track with their schedule and organize their ideas. She is also an RA and an Assistant Admissions Counselor at CU. 

"I think that helping with charity is something that should definitely be a part of everyone’s life. I’ve learned that everyone can be involved in charity—there are no necessary qualifications. Getting involved in charity will look different for different people. It can include donating time, money, resources, and talents. Some people have the idea that when they give to charity, they will lose time, energy, etc.

Instead, I think when we give to charity, we have the potential to gain so much and bless others. We can gain invaluable life lessons that we would never have learned otherwise. We gain Insight into other people’s situations. We gain perspective to empathize in a new way, because we understand and see struggles in a new light.

I think it is critical for Americans to realize that charity is needed right here in our country. Charity is not this far off endeavor in foreign countries. People here in our towns, cities, and communities need support. Charity can be as simple as donating to Goodwill or volunteering at a soup kitchen for a night. Charity involves helping the people and ministries close to your heart.

When I think of charity, I think of giving my time to help other people. Last spring, I went on a trip to Memphis, TN, to help with construction and service projects. I was able to be part of helping a local family get a new roof to keep their home warm, dry, and safe. This was an incredible experience for me, seeing charity at work firsthand. I was able to see how much of a difference can be made in one week. 

Whatever charity means to you, let’s all strive to make charity more a part of our lives. Let’s give, because we’ve been given much."

Sarah GraingerComment