Guest Post: Kat Meakem

Today's Meet Us Monday is by a special guest blogger from POINT's Cedarville University chapter. Since we are currently in the middle of fundraising to make POINT app a reality and connect people to charity (, we asked our chapter members to respond to the question "What does charity mean to you?" 

This post was written by Kat Meakem. Kat is a Junior Applied Communications major at Cedarville University with a focus on non-profit and ministry management. Her caring, organized spirit makes her the perfect Properties Manager for POINT at CU. Besides POINT, Kat keeps busy by working at the Writing Center and on the Student Government Associations Leadership Committee.

"When I hear the world charity, the first thing that pops into my mind is money. There are lots of myths and stereotypes about charity. A mom on a TV show saying disdainfully that her family will not accept charity from strangers. A couple attending a fancy charity event only for wealthy people. A homeless boy begging for money on a street corner. 

In most peoples’ minds, the idea of charity revolves around money, donations, and fundraising. But charity means more than just money. It means service. Intentionality. Community. Time. Impact. Relationships. Growth. Compassion.

At every stage of life, charity means sacrifice. For me currently, that sacrifice could involve time spent volunteering at an after-school program, serving at a local pregnancy resource center, or helping plan a community event. Next year it might mean something completely different. 

My current employment is full-time student. Basically, that means I don’t have any money in my bank account. Just because I don’t have a consistent pay check does not mean I can’t support charities and impact my community.

Regardless of how or where I’m serving, I want to build relationships and use my available resources to care for the people around me. It is a willingness to sacrifice, not money, that’s at the heart of charity work."

Sarah GraingerComment