When POINT heard ‘yes’ 20,002 times

Do you speak whale? Welcome, we’re glad you’re here.

This Thursday we’re throwing it back to our Indiegogo campaign updates; you and your friends may have seen them waiting for you in your email boxes with details after donating (THANK YOU!). Travel back in time with us, revisiting all the exciting details of the campaign journey (previously only known through email..oooh, intrigue!) and catching up on those you may have missed. It’s a whale of a tale.


16 days ago

Thank You!

Where do we start? What an amazing ending to our campaign. We were a little bit nervous because with just 24 hours left, we were still $5,000 short of our goal. That’s when we knew that the crunch time was real. Proving that we have an amazing group of backers, the final push was in full effect, and this $5,000 was raised by the end of our campaign. How amazing is that? Even greater is the fact that the majority of this money was raised by $5, $10, or $21 donations. Proof that there’s power in numbers.

Remember that POINT tailgate we held on New Year’s Day?

We had a matching donation of $1,000 generously pledged by Store 5a, and this target was reached with ease because of the group of dedicated backers that came to celebrate with us. It didn’t hurt that we had food generously donated by Carsonie’s and Caffé DaVinci. We’ve found that if all else fails, food will get people to show up!

Where’s my perk?

It’s coming, we promise!! Some of our perks’ production has been delayed, but not to worry – they’ll be on their way shortly.

What’s next?

Thanks to the help of backers like you, we can start working on the building of the POINT App. We’re still in talks with some app developers, but once we nail down someone to do the building for us, this process will officially begin. Then comes the beta testing, in which we really determine what we’re doing right with this app, what may not be necessary, and what we should try to add to our app. Looking ahead, we know that we have a crazy fun year ahead of us, and we can’t wait. We’ll be sure to keep our backers updated periodically on big milestones that we reach.

In the meantime, though, be sure to like our page on Facebook (facebook.com/pointapp.org), and follow us on Twitter (@pointapp) and Instagram (@pointapp) for more regular updates.

Thanks again, and keep in touch,


19 days ago


We’re in the home stretch – only 12 hours left of our campaign! We’re still about $1965 short of our goal of $20,000 though. If 100 people donate $20 right now, our campaign would be done in an instant. Sounds simple, right? RIGHT! YOU could be the one to take us to $20,000. We can do it, with your help!

22 days ago

We’re Throwing a Party

And we want you to come.

You support our campaign, and we want to meet you! Bring your friends!

The Buckeyes are in a playoff game, so we’re throwing a tailgate, obviously.

When: Thursday, January 1st

Time: 7pm – the end of the game

Address: 5000 Arlington Centre Blvd, Columbus, Ohio

What you need to know:

1. FREE FOOD provided by Cafe Davinci’s, Carsonie’s and more!

2. BYOLC (Bring Your Own Lawn Chair … Or blanket to watch the game)

3. The game will be projected on the walls on the 2nd floor donated by G&P Productions.

4. Games and Prizes: Corn hole tournament, Best dressed fan, door prizes and more.

5. All donations at the door will go towards POINT! (Suggested donation $10) POINT is raising funds to build the first social media for charity.

6. No alcohol or drug consumption prior to or during the event.

7. Free parking

8. Anyone is welcome

(Watching the game, eating free food, and changing the world all at one time. Boom)  _____________________________________________________

23 days ago

As our campaign nears the end, we’re feeling excited and nervous for the road ahead. Why? Because if you’re getting this update, you know there’s only 3 DAYS LEFT in our campaign. If you’re getting this update it also means that you’ve donated, you believe in our vision, and you’re committed to help make the POINT App a reality. It’s the people like you that keep us motivated day in and day out!

We’re asking you to help us end our campaign with a bang. We’re asking you to give anything you can, and to spread the word about our Indiegogo campaign like there’s no tomorrow.

The countdown begins!

Thank you for inspiring us,

The POINT HQ Team _____________________________________________________

35 days ago

Results from Matching Donor #2. We did it! On Friday, December 12th, the Dana Foundation pledged a $1,000 matching donation. That $1,000 goal was reached with your help and will be matched this week!

Twitter Followers Made us Money. For one week – December 9th through December 16th – we had an anonymous donor agree to put forth $1 per new twitter follower. We ended up gaining 336 new followers, meaning also $336 dollars!

We’ve Been Talking to Developers. While we know that the completed numerous phase app will cost $100,000, we have been talking to numerous app developers to see what we can develop with our $20,000 seed money budget! We’ve had encouraging and hopeful conversations in the past few weeks!

All We Want for Christmas is … POINT app. We’re still around $8,000 away from our goal, and we have LESS than 3 weeks to meet our goal. We hope you’ll think of us when talking with people who are looking to give! You can also add our campaign to your Christmas list!  

With your help, we know that we will revolutionize charity.

Madison Mikhail


42 days ago

So much to share!

Giving Tuesday. Because of a matching donor, we were bumped up an extra $1,255 on Giving Tuesday! Thank you for those who took the matching incentive and decided to give!

Matching Donor #2. TOMORROW, on December 12, the Randall M. and Nancy M. Family Foundation will match gifts up to $1000! Now is the perfect time to spread the word to your friends!

Do you have a twitter? If so, search @pointapp, and follow us TODAY! Until Tuesday, December 16th, every new follower counts in cash! A generous donor has seen the impact of social media in the charity world and this donor wants to pay tribute by pledging $1 per each new follower, up to $1,000.

Thanks for your contributing your money and your voice to build POINT app!


46 days ago

Did you know that we have some POINT representatives acting in a local high school?

This was an idea that was born simply out of a conversation between our CEO and some high school students – Meghan Munson and Katy Schad. Both Meghan & Katy attend Hilliard Davidson High School, located in Columbus, Ohio. Little did anyone know the amazing results that were to come. Here’s some things that Meghan & Katy have to say about their experience with POINT in their school:

“POINT at Davidson is a new and exciting edge of the nonprofit because it is the first high school based community to be advocates for POINT. Many of the students here use social media to spread their support and love for the idea of the organization – and what better way to spread awareness for a social media app than by social media? A pep rally was held where we were given the opportunity to share about why POINT is important to us, and our fellow classmates went wild about it. Pictures were taken with the POINT logo and spread throughout multiple social media sites for all to see. Families approached us with excitement to be able to be behind such a wonderful organization. Although that pep rally was more than a month ago, students still continue to show their support for POINT because they know that this app will change the world and who wouldn’t want to be a part of something like that?”

Thank you for your contribution not only for the app development, but for using your donation as a voice to society that we need POINT App, and that students – like these Hilliard Davidson students – want this app. Your support means more to us at POINT Headquarters than you will ever know.

Sarah Gifford

51 days ago

Happy Giving Tuesday!

Today your donations will be matched up to $2,000! Today is the day to tell your friends, family and estranged relatives to give!

We also have some fun things on social media happening today:

  1. We have a video in which we are asking millennials, and all who use technology, to realize their potential to change the world. With the world so connected through technology there has never been a better time to create a dynamic center point (haha get it?) for charity. We are making a point on social media and we hope you join in! Use the hashtag #ourpoint and watch this new video: http://youtu.be/B76dWDbuPfg
  2. Our CEO (@madisonmikhail) is taking over @thevillagestyle on Instagram today! Follow along as she shares about #givingtuesday and @pointapp.


52 days ago

Tomorrow is our favorite day of the year, Giving Tuesday!

We are so excited – Tell all of your friends that we have a matching donor! Our generous donor will match all gifts up to $2000 starting tomorrow at 12:00am. If you didn’t get enough of Black Friday, set a reminder and encourage your friends to give early!

We’ve been talking with charities – Our goal is to better connect you to nonprofits so that we can amplify the good they do! We asked nonprofit leaders how we can design POINT to best suit their needs. These are some comments from Central Ohio nonprofit leaders:

“An app like Point will reduce the recruiting effort for volunteers. Point will bring Alvis House to anyone who is interested in giving their time, or gifts to a non-profit, but don’t know where to start.”

– Ramona Swayne, Alvis House

“St. Stephen’s is a hub for advancing self-sufficiency and we have been providing quality care for families in Central Ohio for 95 years.  To stay current with the needs of those we serve, we must maintain relevant and innovative methods to communicate with our families, stakeholders, volunteers, and donors; as such, we need to be “on POINT!”

– Renea Williams, St. Stephen’s Community House

We changed our goal – You might have noticed we changed our goal to $20,000. We are able to modify our design and start our development with this amount. We will still need $100,000 but it benefits our Indiegogo campaign to lower the goal for now!

Giving Tuesday here we come! You’ll see awesome stuff from us tomorrow, get ready!

Madison Mikhail _____________________________________________________

53 days ago

Happy Sunday!

We’re so thankful for your support! We’re quickly approaching the three week mark of our campaign, and we wanted to keep you all updated on our progress. Here are a few of the major events that have happened since our campaign began on November 3rd.

We’ve spoken our hearts out – Our CEO, Madison Mikhail, received an invitation to speak at Wake Up Start Up (WUSU) a few weeks ago. WUSU is a Columbus, Ohio based organization that allows local entrepreneurs to speak to the public about a start up venture that they are working on. It is held once a month at COSI, and features only 3 entrepreneurs. Presenters ordinarily wait a considerable amount of time before they are chosen to speak, if they are chosen at all. Madison was invited to speak at this event on November 14th. What a blessing.

We’ve expanded our team –As we are building a social media platform, it only makes sense that we have a killer social media brand, right? We’re finally getting our Instagram (@pointapp) up and running, with regular postings! This is all thanks to our new Instagram coordinator, Ellen Heddleston.

We’ve validated our mission – This is a big one! We have officially been accepted to be apart of the #givingtuesday page of Indiegogo. Giving Tuesday this year is held on December 2nd. There’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday. It’s a day to remember to give back after the shopping you’ve done for the past week! We’re so honored to be featured with some of the amazing organizations that are already on the page.

That’s all for now. Be sure to check back often and for some more updates!

Stay awesome,

Sarah Gifford

$20,002 speaks. It says that people like you are behind the vision of POINT. It’s 20,002 powerful yesses. It is faith in the app’s fruition and belief in its power. We are humbled and excited that you are part of building the app that will revolutionize the way we interact with charity.

(Kudos  for sticking it out until the end of this gargantuan post. You are now fluent in whale. Dory is proud of you.)

Cheers to you

Adrienne Bingham

Blog Coordinator

Blog Coordinator

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