7 Reasons Why You Need POINT, As Told By Gilmore Girls

1. You want your life and the way you give to mean something.

We feel you. POINT wants your money to mean everything it can for those in need, which is why your donations through the POINT app will do exactly that…go straight through. Untouched by fees or percentage cuts.

2. Every time someone asks you for money for a charity or cause, your broke-college-aged-ish side cries on the inside.

The little you think you have to give definitely makes a difference. Trust us.

3. When you want to volunteer your time instead of your gas or coffee money, the opportunities are too far away.

Won’t it be great when the POINT app on your phone is highlighting all your local options to volunteer? Hallelujah, gas tank savior!

4. When someone/something asks you to give without telling you where your money is going.

Don’t worry, here at POINT we know exactly what you’re talking about…

We’re all about transparency. From us, as well as the charities and causes that use POINT.

5. You want to know that your money not only legitimately went to the organization, but want to know what it turned into and where.

Actual food for actual children? Actual water for actual villages? Pics or it didn’t happen.

6. All the information is too confusing and time consuming. It shouldn’t be so hard to give to things you care about.

The opportunity will present itself. The wait for POINT is almost over *fist pump*.

7. It feels impossible doing it all on your own.

You need a platform where the research has been done, the opportunities for giving are transparent and meaningful, and to reach farther than you could before. Because you’ve got a heart for people. You not only want to give, but do it in the best way you know how.

We want those things too. Hello, POINT app.

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To living, giving (and netflix),
Photo Adrienne Bingham
Adrienne Bingham
Blog Coordinator

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.