campaign recap.

What is life without a little dramatic flair? A boatload of stress, if it involves a fundraising campaign!

Our indiegogo campaign was nothing if not dramatic. To start, spoiler alert- WE MADE IT!!!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who supported us during the past 2 months. Everything helped- so many of our donations were $5, $10, or $21 amounts. When even $5 less would have kept us from reaching goal (at the time the campaign closed, we were sitting at a whole $2 above our $20,000 goal), all of you who gave can rest assured that your donation TRULY made a difference. We would literally not have made it without your gift!

Things were looking pretty bleak when, with only two days left in the campaign, we were $5,000 away from goal. It’s so easy to get discouraged when it looked like this, but if you ever needed a story to encourage you to persist against seemingly impossible odds, this is the one. One thing that always reminds me why POINT is going to be successful is the undaunted and persistent spirit of our CEO. Thanks to a last minute tailgate party orchestrated by Madison, POINT raised over $2000. IN ONE DAY, THE SECOND TO LAST DAY OF THE CAMPAIGN. This is the most literal example of why you should not EVER give up!

That extra boost gave the jolt of life needed to take us on a whirlwind last day of campaigning. We went CRAZY trying to drum up support on social media (all of you who followed us on twitter are well aware.. those of you who still follow us after that blitz, BLESS YOU.) and amazingly, it worked!! We raised $2364 in just 15 hours!! It was incredible to watch, I was just continuously refreshing the page and bouncing up and down!

(The biggest of thank-you high fives to our sponsor partners is due here: Store 5a, The Randal M and Nancy M Family Foundation, and CrossFit Grandview. Also thanks to those who helped make the tailgate happen: Papa Johns, Carsonie’s, Cafe DaVinci’s, and G&P Productions)

Every one of you who put your voice and/or wallet on the line for this is to thank for the success of this campaign. That’s whats awesome about crowdfunding- it might seem impossible alone, but we can build something amazing together! We still have a long road ahead getting this thing up off the ground, but thanks to all of you, it doesn’t seem as impossible as it did a week ago.

Thank you for all of your support… now, let’s build this app!!

Your astonished and humbled #BlogBoss,

Sarah Grainger


No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.