10 Features You’ll Love on POINT

1. Feeds

All things charity in one place, your feed. On POINT your home feed will have news, POINTs from friends and charities you follow. You can switch to your events feed which has all the events, sorted by the causes you care about, available in your city.

2. Cause filters

On POINT, everything centers around the causes you care about. You may be hit hard in the feels about orphans but not about forest protection. Just select the causes you care about (you can switch at any time) and you’ll stay up to date about those causes. That means you don’t have to see your friends 9 posts about trees when you care about babies (and vice versa).

3. Cause pages

Learn about a causes and charities that support it by pushing the cause’s icon. Meaning no more google searches. You’re welcome.

4. Events

Ever give the excuse, “I’d volunteer more if I knew where to start”? Well now you’ll always know who needs your help in your city just by looking at your phone. Can’t be easier.

5. See who’s going

For all of us in our mid twenties, we included this so we have the chance to meet someone other than at a bar. What’s more attractive than a person giving back? Nothing. So invite us to your weddings.


POINTs are our version of posts. POINTs are a long tweet and pin combined – charity style. Point out what’s happening in your community, stories you read, news you hear of and the causes you care about.

7. rePOINTs

Sharing is important, so we made it easy. Just push a button and bam the easiest good thing you did all day.

8. Profiles

We wouldn’t call ourselves a social media if we didn’t have profiles and bio’s that you’ll spend 20min deciding what to type about yourself. #guilty

9. Organization Profiles

Business and charities have the capability to host events on POINT. By following them, they will fill you in on the things they care about. We know you want to support, work for and buy from places who share your love for a cause.

10. News

Follow the ups and downs on the causes you care about from people who are experts in that cause. We will let you know what experts we recruit for POINT.

Photo Madison Mikhail
Madison Mikhail
CEO & Founder at POINT

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.