#TBT (Throw Back Thanksgiving)

It’s Thursday. It’s a throw back. It’s Thanksgiving. Which probably means that if you’re not eating, you’re laying around on your phone recovering from eating. I get it.

While you contemplate the energy involved in joining that raucous card game or heated round of Jenga, spend a few extra minutes on the couch (/floor/armchair/pillow pile) and come back with us to last year’s #passthepoint, where passionate, everyday individuals showcased the elements of their everyday that they’ve taken for granted or are thankful for.

Giving thanks can appear in countless ways. Throwing it back to the numerous, unique ways in which fans of POINT gave thanks inspired us to revisit the #passthepoint tag again.

So we’ll ask once more, because thankfulness never goes out of style: what are you thankful for? Is there something you take for granted?

Get inspired below and add your story on Instagram this Thanksgiving weekend with #passthepoint.

Enjoy my artful screenshots.

I’ll start. I’m thankful for you, the supporters of POINT, who are as committed to seeing this app come alive as we are at HQ. I can’t wait to connect our communities with the opportunities on POINT and am thankful you’ve made it possible.

To our blessings,
Photo Adrienne Bingham
Adrienne Bingham
Blog Coordinator

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