How Jimmy Fallon Feels About Gifts That Give Back

Jimmy just realized the Holiday Season is upon him

Every year it seems to come out of nowhere for Jimmy

Jimmy feels like the bar is set higher every year when buying presents – everyone wants so many things and he wants to get everything for all of them!

But Jimmy has an idea

With everything going on in the world lately, Jimmy is inspired to do something positive with the money he spends;

he wants to give gifts to those he loves that give beyond just them!

We’re proud of you, Jimmy!

No need to overthink it, just do your best and be thoughtful.

So, Jimmy starts looking online for reputable sources for gifts that give back…and he found some! (He probably found something like this article)

Jimmy just found out that there are such GREAT gifts available out there that are high quality, stylish, ethically made and sourced, and benefit tons of people around the world…

And in most cases they are going to save him money

Now Jimmy has the good problem of being overwhelmed with all the options

What’s that, Jimmy? You found the perfect gift?

He also found out that being so intentional about his giving has inspired his friends!

It’s no mystery why, either –

…seeing as giving back has been scientifically proven to make a person happier

(Don’t believe me? Here.)

He also loves how it makes others feel

So all in all, Jimmy thinks giving gifts that give back is a great way to go when shopping this season

So maybe rethink that next gift card…

And follow in Jimmy’s gift-giving footsteps

It’s more than worth it, we promise

See you next year, Jimmy.

Let us know @pointapp on Twitter what gift ideas you find! You’ll see a few ideas of our own on our feed 🙂

P.S. If you made it all the way to the end, your bonus is the full video of Jimmy and Justin dancing together, because I know you’re about to look for it. You’re welcome.

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