3 Last Minute Gifts You Don’t Have To Buy, Wrap, or Stress Over

I still don’t have gifts for two of my three brothers, and it’s December 24th. I just had to get that off my chest. Sorry, guys.

You’ve come up for air from school, or maybe are enjoying a I’m-finally-off-from-work lazy morning. That in and of itself is something to celebrate, let alone the people around you and the year you’ve had together, whether near or far.

It’s a great season, but also has the potential to carry numerous stressors with it, one of which is shopping.

Shopping ‘til you drop…until everything drops: your energy levels, your spirits…your wallet. If you’re anything like me (and grossly unable to craft homemade wonder presents), shopping takes it out of you.

There’s nothing wrong with shopping, let me clear that up. Much of it involves thinking of others in ways that you hope will make them feel cared about – that’s good!

Today, though, if you’re stressed about the gifts you’re feeling just aren’t enough to express what your loved ones mean to you, I’ve got some tips.

Here are 3 stress-free, last minute gifts to give that require no money or wrapping. No shopping ‘til you drop. I’m serious.

Gift #1

Give the gift of listening.

What’s going on in the life of the person next to you? Do you know? Imagine what it communicates to someone when you put your phone away, drop what you’re doing and geniunely concentrate on the life of that person. Ask them open-ended questions that invite and celebrate long answers. Be slow to speak, giving them your undivided attention.

Unplug to connect, my friends. It’s worth too much to scroll past.

Gift #2

Give the gift of your time.

We underestimate and, many times, complicate what is so simple. Giving your free time to someone for their needs is one heck of a gift. Does anyone around you need help getting those last minute holiday groceries for dinner? How about your family? Could they use an extra hand around the house? Maybe offer yourself up to your neighbors for a few getting-ready-for-incoming-family chores, or offer to watch the kids across the street for free while mom or dad rounds up their gifts.

Another cool time-gift is service in your community. After hanging out with your family, consider pitching the idea of volunteering at your favorite spot together!

Gift #3

Give the gift of your gratitude.

As people, we’re relational. It’s just how we operate. I’d bet money there’s at least one person who has affected you positively this year, and by telling them so you’d be offering to them one of the greatest gifts: gratitude. Face-to-face, through a letter, a video call, voicemail – even a text -, share with them how you feel about them.

Sometimes it’s not just the *thought* that counts.


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We are so excited to share POINT app with you in 2016. Thank you for a remarkable year, we couldn’t be here without you.

Happy Holidays!

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Adrienne Bingham
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