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“It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.” – Nelson Mandela

February and its mostly-frigid-sometimes-springlike days are upon us. The calendar has turned to its second page (already?) and still POINT celebrates what you have done for this revolution of charity. We celebrate your generosity and your belief in the potential of a generation of givers. We celebrate that you, through the coming POINT app , have put other before yourselves.

With the $20,002 you donated to our successful Indiegogo campaign, POINT is ever more equipped to take the front line and build a tool worth using. The fight is for the needs and rights of disadvantaged others to be more easily accessed by those who can support them. You. Us. So what does POINT do with that $20,002?

As we mentioned on Monday, we are deciding on a developer, but to actually create the app we have a couple of options: we can either choose to use internal resources for the development of the app, or employ external connections. It is a big decision and the POINT team is considering the options thoroughly. (We are even closer to announcing the final decision as this is being posted on the blog, so keep up on Twitter for the very latest!)

The best news is that everything is taking off and we are moving at a rapid pace to get POINT app out! This year is a time of exciting new developments and long strides of progress, and by next year this stretch of building will pay off. In 2016 POINT app will be released (!!!) and you will be able to make a revolutionary impact on the world with an efficient, informed tap on your phone screen.

POINT Sneak Peek

Our generation, as a whole, spends 765,900,000 hours per week on our phones. We use them around the clock. Imagine yourself during your nightly routine – if you’re anything like me, lying in bed checking Twitter at 1:15 A.M. – and seeing that a disaster has arisen somewhere in the world. Thousands of people are affected. You open up POINT for the latest update, and see that a verified non-profit organization you follow is sending aid. Let’s say the disaster contaminated a city’s water supply, and the organization is supplying the people with clean water. You hit “donate a case of water” on the screen, $5 comes out of your account and you fall asleep knowing that you were able to help right away, instead of feeling out of touch and helpless.

As writer John Bunyun said, “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” That is the essence of what you are helping POINT build. This revolutionary app is the channel for you to do others-centered acts of giving on a daily basis. Whether that is donating to a cause or spreading awareness, finding volunteer opportunities or recruiting people for a service project, POINT will make it easier than ever before.

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