The Media Figured You Out

They figured me out, too. Not to mention the entire POINT team.

“Every couple of weeks you get an article on how bad millennials are as people,” Huang said. “It’s not like we don’t care about things – tech has just made it so easy to do things, except donating to charity.” – Hailey Lee, CNBC. Note To Millennials: Charity Now Begins on Twitter.

“…we need more technical and policy advancements that make social investing easy. Few organizations have the time and resources to chase legal solutions for six years. The next generation of leaders must generate breakthrough solutions that can operate at scale.” – John Bare, CNN. Millennials Will Reinvent Charity.

We’re not surprised that big news outlets like CNN, CNBC or Millennial Magazine are talking about us (millennials, that is. One day they’ll be talking about POINT!). It’s not a secret how powerfully this group of game-changers will positively affect charitable giving.

We’re not making this up. POINT is here because there is a defined need for exactly what the app will do.

According to The Next Generation of American Giving report, 62% of us would give via a mobile phone. 62% of 80 million millennials. That’s a lot of millennials (it’s actually 49,600,000. Thanks, iPhone calculator. Hey now, see what I did there?! I use my phone for everything!).

Blackbaud, The Next Generation of American Giving

But what about what we give to? What are this generation’s giving habits so far?

Blackbaud,  The Next Generation of American Giving

30,400,000 of us have given to children’s charities, and another 26,400,000 to health charities. All given through persisting beyond the inefficient obstacles of tech-based donating. That’s a lot of heart.  Can you imagine what it will look like when the world has POINT at their fingertips? When millions more will find giving easier? How many lives will be changed?

We can.

They figured us out. They figured out what you need to give better, but don’t know what to call it. 

They’ll figure out that it’s called POINT.

To us, the charity game-changers, 
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