Let’s Talk About Text, Baby.

…Text To Give, that is!

It’s no secret – people love their smart phones. In fact, the average person checks their phone as many as 110 times per day!

However, despite people swiping to open their lock screen (or swiping right on Tinder), very few of those 110 daily swipes lead to charity. Specifically, only 9% of mobile phone owners have used their phones to make a charitable contribution.

At POINT, we are all charity and tech nerds, so we want to share with you a little bit about what the research says. The Pew Research Center did an interesting project on charitable giving via mobile phones, and the numbers are crazy!

The report looked strictly at text-to-give donations, especially popular after major international disasters. This definitely resonated with me – I texted to give to the Red Cross for tsunami relief after the major disaster a few years ago, and apparently I wasn’t alone. After the Haiti earthquake in 2010, $43 MILLION was raised by people donating by using their mobile phones. Remember what I said earlier about only 9% of phone owners giving this way? Imagine what we could do to help others if even just HALF of people who own cell phones used them to give!

Of the donors to Haiti, three quarters of them were giving via mobile phone for the very first time, and for an amazing 80% of them, a phone donation was the ONLY DONATION THEY MADE. Without the ability to give through their phones, would they have given at all?

( If this is interesting to you, I encourage you to check out the full report summary here!)

A major channel for the type of giving the world needs, POINT imposes no fees on what is truly intended for charities. We’re here to make giving simple, efficient and powerful. We want to see what you give become all it can be for others. Less is definitely not more when it comes to giving to those in need.

Have you given to disaster relief using your phone? And would having a trustworthy app to give through make you more inclined to do so in the future? We’d love to hear what you think!

Sarah Grainger
Blog Contributor


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