Cooking for One

Image courtesy of Mark Lobo Photography

Image courtesy of Mark Lobo Photography

Every night when I cook myself dinner I have to figure out how to modify the recipe so that it is only enough for one person, not four, six, or eight. And cooking for only one person can leave a lot of excess food. So tonight, I thought “why not make a blog called Cooking for One”? It could be for college students like me, who enjoy making and eating healthier foods.

Then I started to think how crazy it is that MY problem is one of excess when there are so many people out there who don’t have ENOUGH food to feed one person, much less their whole family. Americans throw out almost 35 million tons of food each year and yet chronic hunger is a real problem experienced by 11% of the world’s population. I consider it my personal responsibility to try waste as little as possible and share my wealth when I can. Do you?

Once our app is built both you and I will have an easy way to do that. To give someone in Kenya enough food to meet the 2300 calorie requirement would cost only ~$6. After POINT App is created, we will have a comprehensive way to essentially share a meal with someone in need. You could sit down for dinner, donate $6 on POINT app, and feed a family in Kenya.

Image courtesy of Food For Life School in India

But we can start making a difference even before our app is released next January. When a large group of people make small personal changes, it becomes a huge movement. So the next time you eat, waste as little as possible. If you have excess food, give it to your local food pantry.

Change starts with YOU.

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