The Magic of POINT as told by Harry Potter

From your neighborhood to the other side of the world, there are people and causes in need.

Daunting, we know.

It’s not enough to want to do something. It’s time that giving charitably and often be made easier.

You need one platform to both sign up to volunteer as well as give, locally and otherwise. Wait…something like that doesn’t already exist yet?!

Where do you start?

*Googles cause of interest*

Is this organization reliable? Where do you sign up to volunteer? Where does your money go?

It feels as if you’d be mislead into a mistake rather than helping. So you just don’t.

POINT is on its way to give you the information needed to make decisions about your time and your money in a meaningful way.

With all the needs of the world, POINT is hoping to make the process as simple as possible.

(We’re all about giving being right and easy.)

So, let’s flash forward. POINT app is in your hands, ready for you to make your mark on the world…

…and the Hermione side of you can’t wait to see all the opportunities.

We’re with our good buddy Ron on this one.

Thank goodness POINT has you tailor your opportunities to the causes you care about most!

Prioritized opportunities for maximum, passionate giving? Nice.

And whaddya know, it feels great to finally have a place to return to time and time again, knowing you’re making the difference you’d always wished you could.

Better yet, you get to see what your friends are passionate about and where they volunteer!

You can’t help but feel that, with POINT, you can make a difference for others with others more often and more easily than ever. And that feels great.

Like riding-a-hippogriff great.

We won’t tell you that POINT will solve all of the world’s problems in a quick fix. There will always be a fight for good.

There are definitely some Voldemorts out there…

But POINT believes in the life well lived. When you shine a light on causes you believe in, change happens. Good happens.

POINT app is your space for rediscovering that we all want the same things: to be inspired, to give easily when we can, and for good to win out.

And hopefully at the end of the day, you’ll feel as if the world got a little bit brighter.

A little more magical.

(P.S. Got a twitter? Let me know @adriennebingham which Dumbledore and nugget of wisdom is your favorite and head over there to find out mine.)

To fighting the good fight,
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Adrienne Bingham
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