The Secret to Successful Spring Cleaning

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris.

Okay, yikes. I have some work to do…what about you?

April is just around the corner and – as it usually does – spring is presenting itself as a great time to renew our homes and lives. Decluttering can be seriously therapeutic and, if done thoughtfully, can also benefit many lives of those in need. If you’re already getting rid of unwanted items, why not give them instead of trashing them?

Today, we’re bringing you some easy tips on how and where to give your greatly needed spring cleaning items.

1. Clothing

• Coats 

• Business attire

Suits, blouses, skirts, dresses, separates: Dress for Success is an international organization that equips hardworking job-seekers with the attire they need to make that pivotal first impression. Check out their website to see where their closest location is (there’s one in Columbus!).

• Prom Dresses 

Fairy Goodmothers is a local organization that empowers Central Ohio High School girls through the provision of Prom dresses, helping them to go to their Prom and have it be everything they dreamed of. Don’t lose space in your closet with dresses you’ll never wear again; be a part of making Prom as memorable for someone else as it was for you!

• Bags and purses

• Accessories – sunglasses, hats, belts. 

2. Household items

• Bikes 

• Electric fans (for those without air-conditioning as the summer months close in, this can be invaluable)

• Appliances

• Sleeping bags

• Water jugs/bottles

• DVDs + CDs

• ***Furniture***

There are local organizations like Columbus’ Third Hand Bicycle Cooperative that are item-specific (bikes), but a good rule of thumb if you’re down on time or can’t do the research is to give to your local Goodwill, Salvation Army or Volunteers of America!

3. Toys

• Baby toys

• Games 

• Sports equipment/balls – soccer balls, basketballs, frisbees, etc. 

For families struggling to make ends meet, it’s important to remember that toys and games that we may take for granted are really luxuries. This kind of donation can really impact a child’s life! Click here to check out Nationwide Children’s call for donations for those spending time in the hospital.

4. School Supplies

• Markers

• Folders

• Binders

Not only are these donated items appreciated at any school, but donation centers are happy to have these for families with school-age children.

5. Electronics

• Old printers

• Old laptops

• Old cell phones

At first glance, these garage-dwellers may seem useless, but more often than not your outdated electronics are recycled and refurbished into valuable tools. Click here to see how to can donate your cell phone for cost-free communication between soldiers and their families through Cell Phones for Soldiers!

The secret to your spring cleaning is making it about others. When you think of all you have to give, it’s hard not to share. This is only a small list of all the opportunities that are waiting for you. Let us know @pointapp on Twitter what other organizations you love and when you plan to do your spring cleaning! 

"Waste not, want not",
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Adrienne Bingham
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