10-Day Challenge: Water

Everyone should know how important clean water is (if you can’t drink any, you die. That’s a pretty big deal). With a resource that is a matter of life and death, especially for something that is so scarce in many regions (and getting more scarce by the day) being wasteful with what we have is not only irresponsible, but also dangerous.

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When POINT app becomes a reality, giving to reliable charities bringing water to those who thirst and offering support to water conservation efforts will be easy. Although the app isn’t here yet, there are still steps everyone can take to make a difference. This is where the 10-day challenge comes in!

While we wait for POINT app to be on our phones, let’s get together as a POINT community to make small differences! If everyone who follows us participates, small differences will add up and become big changes in our communities. This 10-day challenge, let’s focus on water.

infographic from lemonly.com

With a current standard showerhead, every minute you are in the shower uses approximately 2.5 gallons of water (for older showerheads, that jumps up to anywhere between 4-8 gallons per minute). For the next 10 days, we challenge everyone to cut their shower time in half. If you normally take a 20 minute shower, for the next 10 days shower in 10 minutes. By the end of the challenge, you will have saved 250 gallons of water.

If all 817 of our twitter followers participate in this challenge, normally averaging 20 minutes per shower, we could save 204,250 gallons of water as a POINT community… in just 10 days! That is A LOT of water not going down the drain (ba-dum-chh, I’m here all night folks).

There are many other simple ways to save water besides shortening showers. If you have a garden, use leftover water from cooking or washing fruits and veggies to water it instead. Turn off running water when you aren’t using it. When spring finally rolls around and it’s time to wash your car, use a sponge and soapy bucket instead of letting the hose run.

Let us know what other water conservation tips you use, and how your 10 days of short showers go!

Sarah Grainger
Blog Contributer


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