The Day After Earth Day

If you look at any standard calendar, most days of the year can be accounted to celebrate or remember a certain event in history. Most pass by us – almost forgotten – as quickly as they had come. The day after your Birthday you are not usually still celebrating as you did the day before. The day after the summer solstice you do not wake up to celebrate the planetary event again; it is no longer the solstice, after all.

What about Earth Day?

We’re here to talk about what happens after the hashtags and Instagram posts die away. Today is the day after Earth Day…

And POINT thinks we should all still be celebrating.  

This is no one-time event. The earth does not pass us by, nor we it. The impact of our same choices are no greater felt on Earth Day than any other day on earth. Unless we consciously change our choices.

Here are 5 ways to celebrate Earth Day everyday:

1. Switch out your plastic bottles. Did you know that most plastics used never biodegrade? If you’re like me, this didn’t sound right (or acceptable). Check out this article for further details. This week I personally made the switch to carry my water in glass bottles (pro tip: they’re dishwasher safe and can be reused!)  and have already saved 25 plastic bottles from ending up in a landfill. That’s big.

2. Pick up what the ground didn’t grow. Taking the extra second to move a stray piece of trash into a trashcan doesn’t seem that impactful. Imagine, though, if one person saw you do it and repeated it. And someone saw them and so on and so forth. This is how real change happens: through individuals who collectively prioritize the health of their environment.

Do yo thang, environmentally conscious citizen!

3. Conserve water. Changing the way we use water is one of the easiest and effective ways to make a difference. Did you know that by choosing a short shower over a bath you instantly save 60 gallons of water? POINT has more easy tips here.

4. Stretch those legs. Are you going to the store down the street or to a friend’s house in the neighborhood over? Give walking or biking a try and skip out on your car’s fuel emissions. If you can’t leave your car behind (like me, to be honest), maintain it. A car that is well taken care of will return the favor in better fuel efficiency, reducing your impact.

5. Show some love. Spring is here and there is no better time to get to know the earth than now, by volunteering in your local community garden. They aren’t just for looking pretty; local gardens more often than not donate their produce to local food banks, leading to healthier options for those in need. Until POINT app is here to easily link you to impactful opportunities like these, make a Google search like this one to find gardens in need near you.

We get from the earth what we give to it. Don’t focus on changing the entire world overnight. Focus on changing your world. Take care of it and it has a better chance of taking care of you.

To everyday being Earth Day,
Photo Adrienne Bingham
Adrienne Bingham
Blog Coordinator

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