Pointing to Nepal

All of the sudden your world falls to literal pieces. Unable to withstand the shock, your home crumbles around you, the collapsing floors and ceilings taking you with them.

Never having experienced anything like this, it’s a stretch to imagine this reality. But we need to try. For over 5,500 people, the story of their lives stopped in the moments of this week’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal. 8 million have been affected. Hundreds of thousands are homeless, not to mention their imminent need for basic, life-giving needs to be fulfilled: food, shelter and water.

Help POINT to the needs of Nepal by taking the few moments required to aid the missions of saving lives and rebuilding Nepal’s devastation.

Here are 3 quick ways to immediately help:


Click here to donate to Save the Children. Operating in Nepal for almost 40 years, Save the Children understands the predominant need of providing clean water to combat water-borne diseases in a country already operating with low sanitation standards (McSpadden, TIME). The donation process is fast and relatively effortless. Please consider donating what you can for clean water. They are also using donations to provide babies with hats and blankets and saving an additional 10% for future relief.

Food, Shelter and General Relief

Click here to donate to the Red Cross. With $300,000 in aid committed, the Red Cross is working tirelessly and has provided over 19,000 non-food aid kits so far. If you’d like to donate to general relief of basic needs, including tarps, mosquito nets and clothes, this is an excellent place to start.

Click here to go to GOONJ’s* Facebook page to donate and see pictures of their aid opportunities. GOONJ is a local, verified NGO operating at 6 Nepal-specific donation centers. Equipped with trucks, they are delivering all they can to those devastated, emphasizing their prominent need for tarps and tents. Please consider donating to this or other local orgs who are well-placed to provide aid.

There’s More

Clearly this is not an exhaustive list. Having received direction from my own research, I personally encourage you to do the same. There are plenty of organizations currently operating in Nepal that need your help; hopefully this provides you with a great place to start lending a helping hand. 

Anything you can give is more than nothing.

And because we all love Buzzfeed’s knack for being seriously helpful when necessary, here’s a list of organizations that are also seeking your help.

*organization has been considered, not yet contacted by GiveWell.org. Thorough research encouraged.

Let not only our thoughts be with Nepal, but our resources,
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