Random Acts of Kindness That’ll Leave You Inspired

A random act a day keeps the blues away, at least in our opinion. As spring rolls into summer in the coming weeks, it’s important to know some of the little ways to make a big difference in someone’s day or even their life. Read on for five easy ways to inspire and be inspired in return, taking hardly any time away from your normal routine or budget. (Stay tuned to the end for heart-melting examples from all over the world. You’ll want to high-five humanity itself).

1. Pay it backward

Going through a drive thru? Passing through a toll on the highway? Pay for the person behind you. It’s a couple extra bucks and makes a huge difference in someone’s day. From personal experience, this quickly inspires others to do the same; about two months ago I was in a line of over 100 cars paying for the one behind them. Try it out!

2. Be a superhero to your elderly neighbor

Have you noticed any lawns of elders in your neighborhood getting a bit long? Offer to mow it for them! On trash day, run next door really quick after depositing your cans at the curb and do the same for your neighbors. Imagine how impactful these simple acts are for those who are less able to do them!

3. Clip coupons and give them away

On your next trip to the grocery store, rifle through the tons of coupons you get in the mail from your local grocer, take them with you and give them to others as you shop! I had someone do this for me last month; after receiving them, I found I couldn’t use most of them so I gifted them to another person I was passing who was just as happily surprised as I was. It made my day!

4. Give cool drinks away on a hot day

On the grocery store trip we just talked about, pick up some extra chilled water bottles for the homeless in your area. As you inevitably happen upon those less fortunate on the corners of your commute, give them the gift of a cool drink on a stifling day (If you’re in Ohio, you know what I’m talking about. #thathummiditythough).

5. Pick up the tab

Imagine if you walked up to a vending machine with the money you were about to spend already taped to the glass. Imagine being at a restaurant and, upon receiving your check, realizing that the table that just left paid for your tab. Find simple ways like this in your everyday life to lighten someone else’s load. I’m a firm believer that it may just come back to you.

Photo from Epic Dash via Viral Nova

And if those weren’t enough, check out this article with 99 random acts of kindness that went viral, inspiring what is probably a huge and unknown number of people to be a superhero in their own ways. One act even saved a girl’s life

As the social media for charity, POINT can’t wait until our app is in your hands (2016, we’re coming for ya!), so that your acts of kindness can reach near and far even faster, making the most of your time and charitable giving. 

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