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Happy June! We’re as excited for summer as you should be for all that’s happening at POINT. You’re here for updates and we’ve got ’em: from a t-shirt you’ve gotta have, huge development news, to a calendar worth sharing, make the best of your coffee break by filling up on all things POINT (and Toy Story).

Everyone needs a classic summer tee

What better way is there to get your white v-neck fix (or crew. Hey, both is even better) than getting one outfitted with your favorite up and coming (world-changing) app? Well, there isn’t. So we came up with a solution for you

Voila, the conversation starter you’ve been looking for. Rep POINT all day errday with this simple, straight to the point (there I go again), looker of a tee (click here). Twinzies for the winzies. 

Are you #onpoint?

Don’t you hate it when you find out about the next big thing after everyone else? Make it easy on yourself – and be the one to do the telling – by texting @pointapp to 81010. Once you’re done, you’ve made it on to the list of people who’ll #getonpoint first.

We’ve caught the June bug

Our calendar is looking mighty exciting this month; read on for the updates you’d be sorry to miss.

1. HQ is signing off the final touches to the app on June 1st. OH WAIT THAT’S TODAY. Guys, this is it. The final pieces have come together and we’re sending off all we’ve got to our amazing development team. This pretty much feels like the end of Toy Story 3. #feels #babysofftocollege


Luckily our developers are not adorable 3 year old girls. (Adorbs app wizards, maybe.)

Byeee Woody*, see you in 2016!

*POINT app wireframes

2. We’re having our next board meeting June 13th! We’re grateful for the objectivity of our invested board and always keeping in mind what is best not only for POINT itself, but for your app. We take this checks-and-balances part of the process very seriously and are pumped to present what POINT is up to.

3. HQ has its next monthly meeting on June 14th, the day following our board meeting, and it will be a very important and exciting meeting for our staff to attend!

There’s a lot of excitement around here, so make sure to keep up with us in between these Monday updates you love so much. @pointapp on Twitter, IG and snapchat will do the job for you. 

(1. open snapchat camera, 2. hover over the icon below, 3. simply tap the screen (not a picture), 4. dance, because you just added us in the niftiest way possible)

P.S. We totally have more points than that. This is old. We’re really good at snapchat we promise.

To firsts: both here at POINT and on the calendar,
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