What in the World is Going on With Women?

Women have been all over the news lately, from Hillary’s campaign, to Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner’s gender reassignment, to Duchess Kate and her adorable new Princess Charlotte. We are lucky to live in society where women get recognition. In other parts of the world, women are still fighting to be able to make their own choices and live life on their own terms, but we hear relatively very little of it in our own headlines. With POINT app, you’ll be able to stay connected to organizations who help these brave women and keep up with the changes happening in their worlds. Let’s go on a little imaginary vacay and see what’s changing…

1. Afghanistan

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Remember when you were little and you used to ride your bike all around your neighborhood, or to a shopping center or park? Taping cards to it so that the spokes would hit them and you could pretend you were zooming around on a motorcycle? Bikes gave (and for some of us, still give) freedom – power to transport yourself from one place to another in an inexpensive and healthy way. Young girls in the Middle East may ride bikes as children, but after they reach a certain age it is understood that they no longer can do this and that their purpose is to stay inside and care for their husbands and children. They have only walking as a form of transportation, unless they are among the few that know how to drive. Fatima Haidari is attempting to change that by forming a women’s club that bikes around town. They are challenging cultural norms and empowering women. Look out for these bikin’ beauties!

2. Nigeria

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Now, this may be hard to read, but in many countries women are subjected to harmful procedures with no medical value called genital mutilation. These procedures have been in place for centuries, but there are tremendous dangers associated with them, especially with the low quality of medical care available in the countries where it is a cultural practice. But earlier this month, Nigeria’s president banned these procedures in an effort to improve the lives of women in his country!

3. India

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In a land full of color, music, and spices, there is a vast gap between the wealthy and the destitute. For many women, especially those in poverty-stricken areas, education is seen as an unnecessary expense. Safeena Husein has dedicated the last few years of her life to making sure that more Indian girls go to school. Her foundation, Educate Girls, recently was awarded $1.25 million to help make that happen. By educating girls, they can become better mothers by knowing how to read prescriptions, signs, and books that will help their children, plus they can have access to opportunities to improve their lives. For some, this could even mean bringing in extra income to help their children.

Great things are happening for women all over the world. With POINT app, you can keep up, and connect with some great causes like these that go to support women’s empowerment!

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