Work For That Water!

As soon as we said “GO!” it’s what we heard from cheering parents on the sidelines: “Work for that water!”. It was an excited, informed exclamation that we kept hearing alongside “Use those muscles, baby!”, “Way to go!” and “You did great!”.

Yesterday, June 24th, POINT found itself at FountainSide along the Scioto Mile in downtown Columbus to participate in this weekly, summer-long event for kids of all ages. To facilitate learning beyond the classroom through engaging activities, we at POINT were excited to step up to the plate and offer a memorable learning activity, as well as a killer charging station for smartphone users who could use a boost!

Woah, baby. Whatta stunna. #chargefreeofcharge

As the team was coming up with ideas for the activity, we wanted to make sure that not only was it engaging, challenging and fun, but that – after a refreshing prize and sweet snack – that kids would also walk away knowing a little bit more about the world beyond Columbus and the struggles of many children their age all over the globe.

So with that, what better to do on a summer day downtown than teach kids about water scarcity and sanitation? Filled with water bottles, ice and gummy worms, tons of excited kids waited in line to prove their strength in working for their water. By bringing awareness to the non-immediacy (as well as uncleanliness) of most of the world’s water sources, Columbus’ kiddos not only left with a greatly needed ice cold water and sweet treat, but a widened perspective (naturally we told them about the gummy worm discrepancy. Many families happen to suffer from not-so-sweet things in their water).

And if mom and dad were there too, it’s likely they left with a livelier phone and got the inside scoop about POINT! This, friends, is what they call a win-win-win.

Check out the gallery below for behind-the-scenes shots of our day!

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Personal note: What I loved about this experience most was the end. Our activity was so popular that we ran out of our 250 water bottles 20 minutes early, but the kids still came on their own to learn and carry buckets even without a water or gummy worms waiting for them at the finish line. So many came that some of us got soaked running to re-fill spilled buckets in the splash pad fountains! One little boy – maybe about 5 – answered Madison’s question “Why are we doing this? Can anyone tell me?” with “Well, in some places kids have to walk far for their water. It’s heavy. And it can be really dirty and they have to drink it.” *heart melt*. How do individuals grow to change problems? They learn about them. They care about them. And to be a part of the process of teaching empathy through a simple, translatable, impactful activity is one I won’t forget .

Below you’ll see a glimpse into my point of view of the day.

To summer days done right,
Photo Adrienne Bingham
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