There Aren’t Rain Delays in Charity

Finding and supporting a charity should be easy – just figure out what you’re passionate about and *boom!* it all should fall in to place.

Unfortunately, in real life it’s a little bit more like a game of baseball. Many of us already know that finding a reliable charity is practically a sport in and of itself.

1. You get called out by your friends for always talking about an issue (like children’s nutrition in cities/ other countries/ your own town) but never doing anything about it.

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2. So you search high and low for an organization that’s really making a difference. You didn’t realise how many walls stood in the way of finding your perfect charity.

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3. After searching forever and getting distracted quite a few times (lookin’ at you, Buzzfeed), you start to get discouraged. The exhaustion hits you like a brick wall and you are exasperated at the difficulty in finding a reliable charity. Honestly, you just want to lay down and let someone else tell you what to do.

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4. Finally, you find an amazing charity. They have stories from the people they’ve helped, pictures showing a noticable difference, and they focus on creating sustainable change! You donate some money, and pour over their website. You share about them on Facebook and even buy a sticker to put on your Macbook. You run to tell your friends that you are walking the talk now and actually helping the world be better! Awesome.

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6. But then you learn that the CEO has been pocketing most of the money and the convincing stories you read about people’s lives changing was just a ploy to gain your trust.

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7. You scramble to take back what you said and unsunscribe to their greatly embellished newsletter.

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8. Then your friend tells you with POINT you don’t have to worry about accidentally supporting corrupt charities. POINT only picks the most reliable and transparent charities for you, plus it takes the hassle out of searching. Heck yeah!

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Don’t let your charity experience be like a baseball blunder when you can hit a homerun everytime with POINT (Yes, I know it’s cheesy but I couldn’t resist)!

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Lindsey Schad
Blog Contributor

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.