What POINT Release Day Will Be Like According to Tina Fey

Sit back, relax. T. Fey is swinging by the office to give you a heads up on what day one of POINT will look like. 

Like so many others, you signed up early to make your future giving more meaningful through POINT App. Say ‘sayonara!’ to a life of mediocre giving and service! 

The wait is just about over. Release text from @pointapp coming in 3…2…1…


And, oh, who’s that?! The friend you told about POINT is on too!


And on the inside you’re like, “you’re here because I got you on that sweet text line, nbd. You’re welcome”.

Now you can confidently push past all the nonsensical hubbub in the world of charity and head for the causes you care about, all in one place.

Sorry not sorry, Ricky.

Finally, you have a place to showcase your passions.

Werk dat flute.

With all the serving opportunities you see in your area on POINT, you find one near you that has an opening tomorrow! 

Looks like your friends are headed there too..

Is it just us, or are you like 1000x cuter while volunteering…?

Never seen an apron look so good

And BONUS your crush just so happened to be there and you totally didn’t throw your serving spoon at them when you waved


Let’s be real…it’s been a great day so far.

But wait, there’s still people who haven’t chosen to #getonPOINT?

Lookin at you, J. Lo.

We know…

Why the heck not?!

It’s fine, we know you’ll hook them up. Visit to the App Store anyone?


And they’re all “Sounds great, but chill out on all the dancing maybe…”

Uhm, no sir. I will dance in my excitement and YOU WILL LIKE IT.

Once again, you feel great for getting another friend on POINT so that not only their life is enriched, but those of the people they serve and give to.

Plus, you know your dance moves are killer, so.

All of the sudden, you’re actually excited to give again, knowing that the causes its going to are transparent and worthy.

Your friends feel it too; high fives all around!

*points to this cause*, *points to that organization*, *likes friends’ point*

You don’t think you’ve ever felt so fulfilled on a social media before…

Time to get some rest, tomorrow is a new day to make the world a better place! 

To the social media that makes sense,
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