3 Reasons You’ll Love Seeing Businesses on POINT

If you haven’t caught on already, POINT is all about transparency. Of the charities on POINT app, you – the users – will witness the work they do (and how they do it), interact with them and join your friends in serving your mutual favorites. You, my friends, are not the only people in this great big #POINTfam, though.

Sharing is caring, as they say, and since the beginning we’ve known that businesses of all sizes deserve as much of a chance to cross the charity connection bridge that is POINT. Here’s why you’ll love it.

Finally, one single place to see corporate social responsibility in action

As we mentioned last week, we know ourselves as people who want work to reflect our passions. Interested in that big-kid job at a bank, favorite coffee joint, firm, multi-national, university, etc? With a quick look at POINT, we hope you’ll be able to more clearly see in them the things that matter to you. Corporate responsibility is no joke and desperately needed in the world today; as a free-to-download, efficient app, POINT is a place for companies to showcase all the worthwhile work they do in your community. Which gives them a platform to invite you along. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

You get to show ‘em what you’ve got

The workplace is never more cohesive than when a company understands its employees – or potential employees – on a real, actionable level. By taking your cause-passions into account and applying it to their own practices, you’ve really gone and helped your own self when all is said is done (not to mention the causes you care about!).  

The news you want, when you want it, how you want it

There’s a lot of companies out there doing good in the world. There’s an off chance you’ll run into an uplifting story about what’s being done for insert-cause-here by insert-business-here on various social media platforms, but none yet whose news is cause-specific and uninterrupted by what your friend had for lunch today (sweet potato for me, guys! #foodpic #instaworthy). POINT is that comprehensive look you’re searching for. Finding out how the organizations you look up to are holding up their end of the humanity-deal is not only possible, it’s becoming a reality.


And by becoming a reality, of course we mean that POINT app is still currently in its development stage. Come early 2016, POINT will finally be in your hands, along with the charity news you want to know about the businesses in your community.

To the team effort,
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Adrienne Bingham
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