How I Found Naked on Instagram

In only 30 minutes or less, Naked Juice Co. was asking me to DM them on Instagram after I had tagged them in that photo. Next thing I know, they’re sending me something in the mail.

Naked’s ongoing #DrinkGoodDoGood campaign on social media first caught my eye with nothing other than a Facebook ad. I know, pretty lucky (because as we all know, we have a finely-honed talent for recognizing an ad and scrolling purposefully past it before even seeing who it’s from or for what). The ad was clear, quick and easy to duplicate. I was hooked.

Image from Naked Juice Facebook

It was too easy. Post a photo featuring my top pick of nature’s best, tag the campaign and, VOILA!, ten pounds of fresh produce donated to the non-profit Wholesome Wave (who is on the battlefront against Food Deserts – check them out on their amazing website). What they set out to do had been accomplished: donate much needed produce while educating people where they are. Where I was: on my phone. (Sound familiar?)

We check our phone almost 110 times a day. After we spend 105 of those times creeping (bein’ honest, friends), we post across the spectrum on things important to us, dutifully curated for each medium. Facebook, mostly re-shares, am I right? Twitter, wit sharp enough to cut steel while boasting only the most hilarious .gif. Instagram, the eye-catching, how’d-they-do-that images that @socalitybarbie can make us simultaneously laugh and cringe about.

I posted because, in all honesty, I do care. If there’s something simple I can do to provide tangible results, I’m more likely to do it than not. I’ll utilize the things I enjoy and am able to do and use them. Nothing wrong with that, in my book.

Image from @adriennebingham

So I post my amazebeans #instagood carrot-cature. May I say, not my best. Have you SEEN my sweet potato picture? Omg. I always hold my food up against a wall before I eat it. The color, it just…ah. I just appreciate that goodness so much more. I think it has more nutrients that way.

After I tagged #DrinkGoodDoGood, @NakedJuice came back with an instant (mind you, I suspect automated) thank you, with directions to go the link in their profile for a surprise. After work I stopped at my local Kroger to redeem my ever so delicious coupon towards a Naked Juice drink of my choice (I went with Blue Machine. Berries, nom nom). What happened after that was a solid encounter of both customer appreciation and social media marketing.

I thanked them for my coupon, to which I could tell someone personally replied to me on the company account, requesting I DM my address to them. What followed was a genuine, authentic exchange of appreciation on both sides. From them, they wanted to extend further thanks by mail for my participation in spreading the word, and from me, I greatly appreciated being led down the path I took on the campaign.

When I posted, I wanted to know what I was signing up for by associating my own name with that #DrinkGoodDoGood tag. I didn’t think I was doing something to get stuff. I searched the tag, the partner organization – Wholesome Wave -, the cause, information on food deserts and watched all their videos concerning testimonies from real life sufferers. All of the sudden, I was informed. I was grateful. Naturally, I wanted to give and speak up. So I did. And so did Naked Juice.

We shouldn’t give to get. But when we do get something in return, it has a way of making the interaction all that more motivating and inspiring. Motivating in the sense that corporations can get on our level, inspiring in the sense that not all hope is lost with those corporations (or just people in general) and that there still remain those who see the need, raise awareness, and raise the bar. POINT app is all about having those bar-raisers all in one place: on your phone, where volunteering and giving opportunities are closer than ever.

From a regular ol’ grammer, I genuinely appreciate the down-to-earth feel of the #DrinkGoodDoGood campaign. I know that I did something by participating. I know that I learned something. I’m more aware of Naked Juice’s aim for social responsibility, and also keenly aware that going above and beyond for your consumer will only get you good things.

Naked Juice got my attention, now they’ve got my support.

Folks, it’s not totally bleak out there. So #DrinkGoodDoGood.

And maybe I’ll share my mail with you. Whatever it is. (Oh, don’t you worry, I’m sure a quick check to my Twitter @adriennebingham will let you know what it is when it arrives. Complete with .gif).

To being #instafamous.

Just kidding.

To the good stuff,
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