POINT loves Mondays (and you should too)

It’s day 26 of 2015 and so far it’s been shaping up nicely for POINT. Here at headquarters, our team works daily to bring life and movement to the POINT app, and keeping you in the loop of our progress is a top priority. You are instrumental in bringing it to life. Your 20,002 yesses should know what the game plan is. Every other Monday we’ll be making it #ourPOINT to bring you the latest and greatest from inside and outside the office.


Okay, here it goes. 


What did the POINT team do at the end of the campaign?


We took a hardcore nap. Crowdfunding - even with a crowd as inspiring and generous as ours - is exhausting. With a little bit of rest, our fearless CEO Madison, along with the rest of the team, has been able to make a move on different ideas and leads to best utilize the resources POINT has been given.


What’s coming up?


2015 is our year of building. We are thrilled to see this revolutionary app for charity begin to come to life! To see this happen, we are in full-on Research and Development mode. If 2015 is R&D, the early stages of 2015 is ‘R’. Research. The POINT team is working diligently to explore all paths available to develop this app. Check out this in-depth article on how apps are created (#challengeaccepted) and why finding the right developer is important to us. We believe that it’s of importance to not rush this. To build a superb structure, the foundation must be, well, superb. 


On the job hunt?


What a coincidence, we have positions open! POINT is getting ready to hire and expand the team; look to our twitter and instagram this week to see all of the opportunities available. From me to you, this passionate team of MVPs is the kind you want to be on.


And speaking of…


 Photo by Ritter Collective

Photo by Ritter Collective


POINT HQ is back in the office! 


During the Indiegogo campaign, operations were increasingly mobile. Though the talent of POINT can work independently from the office, the team is thrilled to kick off this year with an established daily routine. Each member has an individual space to call their own (can I just say that I love my desk?) and is only a chair scoot away from collaborating with one another. Staff meetings, idea-sharing, tea-making and Chipotle-eating are seemingly little things, but when done together regularly, we find that they make an exceptional and motivating work environment.


To making Mondays count, 

Adrienne Bingham


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