Mondays at POINT

If you’re new here, welcome! Mondays at POINT are your chance to get highlights from the last two weeks at POINT HQ and beyond as we get closer and closer to having our app download-ready in 2016. (If you’re really new here - hi, we’re POINT: the social media for charity). And if you’re not new here, I expect you’ve already skipped on to the the .gif.


How Apps Get Pretty

Before Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you-name-it, were aesthetically on top of their game, they started with wireframes, or placeholders. These placeholders of future app functions then become working, clickable frames of sorts to start experiencing the app. Down the line, they get designed into a working app all the way down to how big that one graphic is or what font style is chosen. (And as we’ve all seen, our favorite apps continue to change drastically over time; just look at FB’s humble beginnings)

All to say, we’ve started the design phase of POINT app!


HQ Hangouts

Last Sunday, October 11th, POINT had its monthly HQ meeting with both in-town members (including Logan Skoog all the way from TEXAS!) and those that Skyped in. What makes up the app so far was projected for everyone to see and comment on; first impressions are vital to an app’s success, so having a roundtable of what everyone thought individually, what could use some changes and what each person liked were all noted. The app design has already seen some of the suggested changes put in place!

Leaving on a Jet Plane

POINT Founder & CEO, Madison Mikhail-Bush will be traveling to San Francisco within the coming weeks to further develop the app itself as well as resources vital to POINT’s ability to grow in the future. Last time Madison found herself in SF was for Startup Grind, which, if you remember the blog, was an exciting success for POINT as a whole.


Cheers to progress, guys! It’s an exciting time to be at POINT.


Adrienne Bingham

Blog Coordinator