Mondays At POINT

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” - Henry Ford


Happy Monday! If - like us here at POINT HQ - you happen to be in the Columbus area, we’re cheering with you that the beginning of the week has brought sunshine with it (and hastily ignoring that it’s still scarily frigid. Take what you can get, amirite?) Speaking of sunshine, here’s your biweekly Monday update on all things POINT app!  


Today’s update is just how I like my Mondays..


..short and sweet. #bazinga



Any news on the POINT app developer?


YES! In less than two weeks, the app’s developer will be chosen. An integral part of POINT’s process is conferring with our board (yes, a board!) at regular meetings and confirming that the important steps we take towards POINT’s success are in our best interest, and most importantly, yours. Our next meeting is on March 7th!



Building our team


As a team, we are actively on the lookout for the continued growth of our team. You may have noticed on our Instagram and Twitter that job postings are going up! We’re reviewing applications, so get yours in!



Indiegogo perks


They’re just about on their way! As part of this team, I personally am so excited for you to receive your campaign perk. If you are receiving a personalized thank you video, those are currently in the works (and looking good, I might add!). To those who are waiting on their POINT vinyl or POINT USB charger, they go out TODAY!!



A little behind the scenes


We’re that kind of team. The awesome, ever-connected one that starts off the week with Motivational Monday emails, courtesy of our Office Administrator, Sarah Gifford. Since you’re part of our team too, I’ll leave you with our quote of the week that Sarah sent us:


“Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right” - Theodore Roosevelt



To knowing and doing right,


Adrienne Bingham


Told you it was short and sweet. Just like our friend Michelle Tanner, heroine of the 90's. #yougotitdude

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