Rise and (Startup) Grind

 Image by @madisonmikhail

Image by @madisonmikhail

"If you're not constantly innovating and promoting learning in your company, then you're at risk of becoming the legacy that everyone is trying to replace - be a lifelong innovator" - Ramona Pierson, Delcara


“Have the recognition that things that look like problems can be opportunities.” - Steve Case, AOL


The Google for Entrepreneurs Startup Grind Conference, held February 9th - 11th, is as impressive as its name suggests. The Fox Theater in Redwood City, California saw some of the most driven, brightest and innovative startup entrepreneurs, investors and industry moguls flood in for a year’s worth of invaluable moderated talks packed into just a handful of days.  


And POINT was there soaking it all in (including the sun, *jealous*).


Now, you may be thinking, “Yo, Adrienne, that conference thing sounds fancy. Wouldn’t that have been a little pricey?” That’s a good question. Yes. Cue, leaders of POINT: women always willing to learn and unafraid to aim high. Madison, our CEO & Founder, alongside our Head of Corporate Relations, Priscilla, found through research that there was the opportunity to apply for scholarships. Hanging hope on the potential that they might actually receive them, Madison and Priscilla applied and were awarded scholarships via the generous sponsorship of Samepage.io!


That’s a big deal.


Here’s how it went.

Within the whirlwind of 24 hours’ worth of moderated talks, POINT’s dream duo spent invaluable time learning from the likes of “ Biz Stone, a co-founder of Twitter, Nate Blecharczyk, co-founder and CTO of Airbnb, Mike Krieger, Technical Lead and co-founder of Instagram, Patrick Collison of Stripe, Scott Harrison of Charity:water, and many other tech moguls, CEOs, and venture capitalists.”

 Image by @madisonmikhail

Image by @madisonmikhail

Here's what we learned

1. We're on track. There's a lot of things being done within POINT that were encouragingly validated both through the contribution from speakers as well as individual interactions with experts.

2. We need to keep building our team. Mentioned previously, this is a year of growing, and with that comes more team members. More specifically, the conference highlighted the great asset it will be to find a CTO (Chief Technical Officer), as well as input from other industry experts.

3. Move fast and break things. Since the start of the year, we've been continuing to pick up the pace with development, meetings, creating solutions and innovating new app design ideas. And it's only going to get faster! The world of tech doesn't slow down and we're ready to compete. Coffee in hand.


To the startup grind. It is so very real,

Adrienne Bingham 

Blog Coordinator



(p.s. If you did, in fact, pick up on the subtle Rocky reference, you're such a winner)

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