Mondays At POINT

Great news, it’s Monday again! (I’m sure you had no idea it was Monday until I told you. You’re so welcome). Which means you’re due for your bi-weekly update of all things POINT. Even better news, so much has been happening!


Let’s go.

What has the team been up to the past two weeks?


Remember last time when we all agreed that looking for the right developer was of the utmost importance? Well, we’ve almost found them. The team has been working day in and day out, holding meetings with very talented people, and we know we’re on the right track to finding the developer that will make the app everything we hope it will be.

Headquarters is where it’s at.


I think it’s safe for me to say that, on behalf of everyone, we are loving being in the office. The environment of POINT is so fast-paced and rich with ideas. Having a dedicated group of creative minds commit themselves to a regular daily schedule has already made so much of an impact on 2015’s workflow (not to mention the incredible team members working remotely from around the state and OUT of state - MSU, I see you!).


Speaking of headquarters…

POINT just held February’s HQ meeting


Sarah Gifford, POINT’s Office Administrator, led the team in our monthly headquarters meeting on Sunday, Feb. 8th. This meeting is always a great opportunity for team members who aren’t typically in the office to get together. We even had blogger Lindsey Schad Skype in! We saw new faces (don’t worry, I’ll introduce you in good time), got updates from every department, may have overindulged in cookies and Valentines candy hearts (guilty), and left feeling inspired, polaroid in hand.


POINT is in San Francisco this week for Startup Grind!


Well, actually, CEO Madison and Priscilla, head of Corporate Relations, are in San Fran. We’re living vicariously through their Instagrams/Tweets.

POINT’s dynamic duo have made their way to the Startup Grind conference. It is sold out and absolutely packed with the best in the business. I can’t put into words how excited I am that POINT has this incredibly rare and unique opportunity to get our name and cause in front of such an influential group of people. Madison and Priscilla are in the company of 1,500 other startup leaders and have the chance to attend 25 hours of invaluable expert-moderated talks. And by expert, I mean EXPERT (just, look! omg)


This is huge for POINT.


2015 is our year.


We’re barely into February and POINT is already seeing big things happen. Every day we wake up believing we, as a generation, are revolutionizing charity. Every night we fall asleep after a long day’s work knowing we’re one step closer to harnessing that potential. POINT app is coming. Thank you for standing by our side as we build, wanting to change the world for the better with us.


To making Mondays count, 

Adrienne Bingham

Blog Coordinator


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