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Have you ever built an iPhone app? Yeah, neither had we. Until now. We aren't Apple Geniuses, just a few gals and guys out here committed to changing the world via your smartphone. Part of the process of doing something brand new is learning as you go, failing, and trying again until you get it right. We've had our fair share of those three things.

As we delve into the development of POINT app, everyone has learned so much and we want to share a little bit of our knowledge with you. 

For instance, did you know that every single clickable thing on an app is listed in something called a "feature list"? The bigger the feature list, the more advanced the app. So apps like Facebook have feature lists a mile long while your college's "map app" would only have a few things on the list.

The app design does not equal the app development. They are processes that are done in conjunction, however. The design is the function and flow and the development is the "invisible" process that makes everything work. 

There are traditional, sequential processes to app development in which you develop everything, then test it at the end and go back and fix bugs. But there is also a strategy that is rapidly becoming more popular called agile development. You build through continuous testing and evaluating which streamlines the process.

The feature list, design, and development process are paramount in determining what the app can do, how fast it is built, and how much it costs to build (we're talking mega money here). 

We've done our homework. POINT app is just about ready to begin development with the best people and tools we have, inside and outside of POINT. We're making every one of your 20,002 yesses count for as much as is possible. Your team is working tirelessly to find the best way to build this app, staying true to our mission of putting the ability to change the world in the palm of your hand - literally! 


Lindsey Schad

Blog Contributor

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