Mondays At POINT

Spring is on the way, it’s above-freezing in temperature and we’ve got your biweekly Monday update for you. It’s off to a good start, if you ask me.

But first, coffee.

Refreshing. Let’s get to it!

What’s been going on since POINT checked in last?

The team continues to hit the ground running every day. Particularly busy are our CEO and Head of Corporate Relations, Madison and Priscilla, as they continue to diligently research and hold prominent meetings with those key to the success of developing and launching the app. We are tantalizingly close to securing our developer, so hold on to your hats, folks! POINT app is very much on the way.

Yesterday POINT held its March HQ meeting

This was a big one for what this year holds for POINT. A great cross section of coordinators, campus reps, blog team members, advisors and our intern, dynamic discussion was held to get everyone up to speed, as well as make pivotal decisions and look at the actual design of the app. As a team member, I’m personally encouraged by this great group of people truly working together to get things done. Every opinion counts and is highly encouraged. Things like this makes POINT’s work all that more exciting.

Madison led us in recapping POINT’s Board Meeting – held on Saturday, March 7th - and brought some great takeaways to our HQ meeting about goals for the pace of the app’s development, as well as its future features.

We’re learning

Every member of the team is always learning. Whether that be more about their individual role, about the market, about teamwork, the app itself or the future of what’s to come, we continue to strive every day to develop POINT app into what charity and the world need it to be. 

Charity is in the world's hands. Soon, POINT will be in yours. 


To big things, 

Adrienne Bingham 

Blog Coordinator

Sarah GraingerComment