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It’s time to grab your Monday afternoon coffee pick-me-up, take a breather and catch up with us on the past couple of weeks at POINT! It’s a roller coaster. Ups, downs, we’ve got a lot you shouldn’t miss out on. (Not to mention the most important P.S. a Monday update has had so far...)

POINT has to say ‘goodbye’...

Tony Macioce has been serving POINT as Director of Finance for about 4 years and will be stepping down from his role. Making the transition from student to professional in the world of finance, his services are first and foremost - understandably - reserved for his professional career. “Tony helped found the company. He wins employee of of the month every month,” says Madison. Memorable lines from Tony all seem to center around one thing:


“Madison, can you afford that?”
*slowly raises hand* “How much is this going to cost?”


  Photo courtesy of Ritter Collective

Photo courtesy of Ritter Collective

Tony, thank you for all the years of keeping POINT (*cough* Madison) in literal balance; there aren't enough words to express how appreciated you are. You’re invaluable and will be sorely missed!


SPartan global Day of Service with POINT at MSU

Only those of you who follow us on snapchat @pointapp (hint hint, nudge nudge) would know that POINT's MSU chapter was able to take part in a fulfilling day of service in their community!

“POINT volunteered at Henry H North Elementary for MSU's annual Spartan Global Day of Service! We learned of some of Henry H North's struggles and how the gardening project benefits the school and Lansing community. Students learn about how food is grown, and they get to eat healthy, organic snacks from the garden! Food grown in the gardens also goes to the Lansing Food Bank! We were privileged to learn/help with this valuable program, and had a blast doing it! The garden is now ready for seeds to be planted by students!” 

Take a look below at some of the shots from their day!

Courtesy of POINT at Michigan State University on Facebook


We may have a lot going on while developing POINT app, but we always have time for a good party. Madison Mikhail, fearless leader/CEO/Super Woman, is about to become Mrs. Bush (IN 32 DAYS. It's fine. We're fine.) and of course we had to send her and Michael off in style from all of us here with a surprise shower. Here's peek into the celebration:


Thanks for checking in with all that's going on! Be sure to be following along in between bi-weekly updates to know all that you can about POINT's development. 


This one goes out to Tony. We love you! 


Adrienne Bingham


Blog Coordinator



POINT app is coming and we know you want to be the first to have it. Well, you're in luck. Simply text "@pointapp" to 81010 on your phone and you will be one of the first people to find out about its release. This is huge! 


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