Mondays at POINT

In honor of our fifth Monday update, here are five things you need to know about the last two weeks at POINT!


How’s the app coming?

Decisions have and are being made; we are happy to announce that Kevin Mack and Ryan Stryker, two Columbus-area developer extraordinaires, have joined us in bringing you the social media for charity you deserve. Their specialty - greatly appreciated by us here at POINT - will be guiding the UI/UX (User Interface and User Experience) selection process.


Welcome, Amelia!

POINT has a new rep (and we’re THRILLED)! A senior at Wisconsin-Madison (sorry to all UK fans out there…Go Badgers!), Amelia Sirianni will be working with the rest of POINT team, representing our coming app on her campus, joining the #POINTfam at the Cedarville University, MSU, Ohio State University and Hilliard Davidson High School campuses.


Add us on won’t be disappointed.

Behind the scenes office antics? Check. 


We’re on point.

Ha. Point puns. I digress.

With all the decisions, big dreams and planning that goes on daily at HQ, we’ve planned out POINT’s calendar through August (!!). As someone who doesn’t necessarily know what I’m doing even next week, it’s exciting to see the big things that are coming on our calendar. All of this to say that 2015 is very much our year of building and we’re even more excited to share it with you as they come! Stay tuned, friends.


Our second favorite color is green.

Kidding...sort of. As the team continues to make development decisions both in your best interest as well as the app’s eventual functionality, there are certain features we can’t see ourselves compromising on, so we’re seeing green if you know what I mean. POINT is shooting for an additional $3,000 to round out what we believe to be the app you AND charity deserve to have.


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To making waves, 

Adrienne Bingham 


Blog Coordinator

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