Mondays at POINT

Like a glorious meteor shower, our favorite meme - that we wait for all of April (*cough* all year) - has come and gone. 

See you in 361 days, JT. Just long enough to forget the Jheri Curl. 

We've got sun, an 80 degree Columbus spring day and a Monday update, just for you. Grab your coffee and let's get to it! 

A little birdie told me...

If you're not following @pointapp on Twitter, you're missing out!

That's right, POINT is in Texas! Hit her up with a big welcome @logan_skoog!

Did you double-take? You're seeing clearly, don't worry. Yes, we have ANOTHER new rep! Welcome, Maddie! POINT is lucky to have you. 

Speaking of our fantastic reps, if you're interested in joining our team, keep a look out for Thursday's blog! You'll be getting all the info you need to take your next steps. 

It's not too late

Make sure to text "@pointapp" to 81010! That easy step is what stands between you and the app for charity you've been waiting for. #getonpoint


This past weekend's Dance For Ruthie was a great success, in large part to the efforts of the Hilliard Davidson National Honor Society, with whom POINT co-sponsored the fundraiser. Raising funds and hope for 4-year-old Ruthie Lundquist's anticipated liver transplant - a life-saving operation for Biliary Artesia - could not have been done without the sponsors and those who attended. We'd like to say a special thank you the generous donors of this special event: Nidovi's Pizza, Bob Evans, Chick-Fil-A, Iacano's and Bucci Pizza. Thank you!

To those that our CEO Madison met this past week at the Columbus Foundation, a huge shoutout to you! It was great meeting all of you; all of POINT is looking forward to seeing you around as we continue to develop the social media for charity! 

App development

Last and of course not least is what you're probably here for. What's up on the app side of things? Well, a lot! This week is a real turning point (pun unintended) for app development. After weeks of discussion and planning with our user experience experts, we're handing it off for the beginning stages to be developed. POINT IS COMING TO LIFE!

To may-king this a great month (and may the fourth be with you), 

Adrienne Bingham

Blog Coordinator