How to Become a POINT Rep

If you’re someone who has been wondering how to become a part of the big things going on at POINT, we encourage you to consider become a POINT representative!

You may have seen the announcement on Monday that POINT has added two more great people to the team! We want to give you that chance as well. Check down below for answers on how to become a team member.


What is POINT?


POINT is the social media for charity! Currently being developed, POINT app is the platform where the charity conversation is two-sided. We’re fans of verified, worthwhile organizations and charities being instantaneously accessible on your phone in one place. You’ll be easily able to know where volunteer opportunities are in your area, sign up and even donate to causes you care about. This is where charitable lives and social media collide. POINT is filling the gap.


Want to be a part of it?


I’m on board. POINT does make lot of sense; I haven’t heard of anything out there like this. What should I do next?


Get in touch with us! Soon you’ll be able to sign up right on our website, but for now we are accepting inquiries at

After emailing us, a POINT team member will get back to you to see when you’d like to visit the office or Skype with us (that's right, you don't have to be local!). This is a great time for you to get to know the team and vice versa. It’ll take only 30 minutes or so and afterwards you’ll have great idea of what to expect here at POINT.


What will I be doing as a rep?


The great thing about being a POINT rep is the innate flexibility. Whether on a high school or college campus, maybe even your workplace, repping POINT is a creative and team-oriented position. You’re here because you love what this app will do for communities around the world. You have causes you care about, you want to see change for the better, are a self-starter and strongly believe that POINT app is a tool for tangible change for this generation. The drive that you have can turn into virtually any rep activity, whether it be hosting or sponsoring events, speaking to your class or any clubs you may be involved in, holding drives for causes or just chatting with others when you volunteer. Reps spread the word that POINT is coming!


We are thrilled to continually welcome new reps to this amazing team. Let us know if you want to be one of them by emailing us at 


To the charity game-changers, 

Adrienne Bingham


Blog Coordinator