Mondays at POINT

It’s that time again; you’re looking for your every-other-Monday-updates and we’ve got ‘em. Short and sweet, but important nevertheless! Read on for the ABCs of the last two weeks at POINT.

Just call me Big Bird.

A is for...App!


If you missed the last announcement, POINT app is IN DEVELOPMENT! As we speak, pieces of the app are continuing to fall into place. We can’t wait to share more details about development as they come. Before we all know it, 2016 will be here, along with the social media for charity we’ve been waiting for.

"Me...want..POINT app omnomnomnom"

B is for...Board...meeting!


This past weekend, we had both our monthly Board meeting AND HQ meeting, where POINT staff from inside the office and remotely from home or school come together to get updates. If you follow us on snapchat, you probably already knew that…

Just more shenanigans from your favorite philanthropy game-changers.


Both meetings went extraordinarily well. Since our last meetings, we’ve entered development, made more commitments, and have thoroughly accounted for every cent. I’m not going to lie...there are some incredibly exciting things coming up for us that we’re itching to tell you. When the time comes, we will. There is, however, one of them that we can announce!...


C if for...Calendar!


This month - on June 24th from 11:30am to 1:30pm - POINT will be present at FountainSide along the Scioto Mile. Sponsored by Sunny 95, FountainSide is a weekly, summer-long event that attracts thousands of families with the opportunity for exciting games, fun on the 15,000 sq. foot splash pad for kids, and a host of educational activities for kids to continue creative learning outside of school. POINT is thrilled to be a part of such a statement event in Columbus and we look forward to sharing POINT app with attendees, as well as hosting our own activities for adults and kids alike. Come find us!!


To the kid in all of us,

Adrienne Bingham

Blog Coordinator

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