Mondays at POINT

I don't know about you, but as our every-other-Monday-updates roll around it's crazy seeing how fast time flies by. Here we are at the end of June and only continuing to pick up speed. We want to make sure you don't miss out, so read on!  

FountainSide was soaked with success

In case you missed the full blog recap, last week's FountainSide event at the Scioto Mile in downtown Columbus couldn't have been better. As a team, we were so encouraged seeing the enthusiasm and participation of hundreds of Columbus-area kids in our water challenge activity, simulating and educating local youth of the struggles for clean, safe water of same-aged kids across the globe. And let's not forget that perfect charging station. 



I have a hunch that if you follow us on Twitter and Instagram, you're just as excited as we are. In case you missed it, it's your turn to get pumped because POINT will be at ALL Ohio dates for Warped Tour! Let us know if you plan on being there either the 16th and/or 23rd of July in Cincinnati and Cuyahoga. We can't wait to see you! 



We promised you a year of building and that's exactly what you've got. Weekly video and phone calls with our development team in San Francisco have been underway since day one of development. The most recent building block of POINT app is the continued manifestation of all the wireframes! In the words of Sarah Gifford, our office extraordinaire, "they are going to look better than I think we could've ever imagined." Additionally, we're also continuing our search for the Columbus entities that are going to ring in this new era of social media by being the first on POINT. 

How. Excited. Are. You?!

Keep up with us on the prettiest insta feed you ever did see here, as well as our Twitter, Facebook, and antic-filled snapchat to make sure the next two weeks aren't POINT-less (haah, oh Adrienne you are so funnay.)

I digress. Have a great week! 


To a summer worth sharing,

Adrienne Bingham


Blog Coordinator