Mondays at POINT

Just because it's Monday doesn't mean it has to be a classic one. Start off on the right foot with three of the most important can't-miss POINT updates from the beginning of July!



It's almost time for one the summer's biggest events for POINT: WARPED TOUR! If you haven't heard us freaking out about it before now (hard to believe), your fav app-to-be will be making an appearance at the longest running tour in the country at BOTH Ohio stops. It's casual. We're fine. 

Be sure to check our snapchat on the 16th and 23rd especially. You don't want to miss our faces melting and what not. #RAWK


Get H-APP-y

As if Warped Tour weren't enough to pump us (and hopefully you) up, app development is coming along swimmingly. 

We're actually pretty pleased about the swimming thing, Marlin, chill. 

Those weekly development meetings are paying off and we think you should be as excited as we are. 

Yeah, we do. 

So until then, don't forget to send '@pointapp' to 81010 to #getonPOINT first! 


F is for FUN..DS. 

Even though it's hard work sometimes, building the social media for charity from the ground up is still just as fun, if not more. Less fun? Finding the funds. Granted, we just so happen to have the best supporters in the world. You're the reason we're as far as we've come and POINT app is being developed because of YOU! All that's left is $5,000 to seal the deal. Since you're where the reality of POINT app is coming from, we want to know what you think. Let us know your ideas for how to raise $5,000! We got this, team. 


As always, thank you for keeping up with us - the POINT team - and supporting the growth of our app and organization in such big ways; we couldn't do it without you! 


To meaningful (Mon)days,

Adrienne Bingham

Blog Coordinator