Mondays at POINT

Our Warped view of charity

July 17th and 23rd brought POINT to an exciting new level of outreach as we joined other game-changing non-profits for the Ohio stopovers of Warped Tour. There, we met hundreds upon hundreds of eager millennials who - while giving their phone batteries a much needed jump, courtesy of our killer charging station - discovered more about POINT and how they'll be able to better connect to charity staring next year. 

We are blown away at the number of people who signed up to get the app early by texting "@pointapp" to the number 81010. We can't wait to see you all again on POINT app soon! 

 Image via @pointapp Snapchat. Which you should totally follow, by the way. 

Image via @pointapp Snapchat. Which you should totally follow, by the way. 

And I can't talk about the success of Warped Tour without giving a huge hand to our POINT team members who made all the difference. Being able to attend myself, I personally experienced the amazing attitudes of every team member and really enjoyed seeing everyone spread the word about POINT and the causes they care about. Thank you again for dedicating your time and resources to make this event as successful as it was! 

Special shoutouts to friends we made along the way, such as @Nick_Major, IAmSecond, Sarah - our round one savior and tent neighbor -, as well as MANY more!

Goodbyes aren't easy

As you may know from her farewell on snapchat last week, POINT said goodbye to our Office Administrator extraordinaire, Sarah Gifford, after a year and a half of valued service to the team. I'll be honest, around here at the office we're sad to see Sarah go (to say the least), but know that as she nears closer to reaching her professional and personal goals that she is bound for great things as much as ever. We at POINT remain so grateful and appreciative of being able to reap the benefits of some of that greatness during her time spent here. 

Many of you have either met Sarah personally or had the pleasure of encountering her via social media, email updates or personal thank you's. Head on over to her Twitter (@sarahagifford) to lend your thanks to a woman who's had a great positive effect at POINT! 



Though big things have been happening at POINT, one thing remains the same: development. Every week, our CEO, Madison Mikhail-Bush, continues to have intensive development meetings with our team as the app takes shape! It's as exciting as ever to see our vision come to life. We're excited at how fast this year is flying by, because it means POINT is closer to being in your hands!


As always, thank you for keeping up with all of us here. We are constantly inspired by you. 

To the go-getters, 

Adrienne Bingham

Blog Coordinator