Mondays at POINT

September is spinning along as fast as Braxton Miller, as POINT finds itself starting the first week of autumn. We've got a handful of updates for you from HQ (especially if you want to BE A REP!), read below!  

Application is live!

So you've been following along with POINT and you want to get involved? PERFECT. We just so happen to have opened up our POINT Rep application (you can find it here)! Reps, in essence, are the face of POINT outside of HQ, whether it be at their high school, university, club, you name it. If you're a creative person that likes to be their own boss and loves what POINT is up to, we definitely need to talk. Beyond the application you can reach us at

Meeting of the minds

HQ, development, blog and rep teams continue to meet weekly either in person/video/email/you name it. Week after week we continue to be so grateful for your support as we grind behind the scenes. We can't wait for 2016 to show you how worth it your waiting is! 

Last week POINT had a double-whammy weekend of in-office HQ and Board meetings back to back. (Your POINT team works on Saturdays and Sundays too, how 'bout that.) Reviewing the development of POINT app as a team has been exciting to see as its form takes shape. 

msu is killin it

Even within (I'd say especially) our own team we're looking for the standouts. POINT@MSU is off and running in this new semester! Shoutout to the team working so hard at Sparticipation as they spread the word about POINT app and held their first meeting of the year (with over 20 people!). 


 POINT@MSU on Facebook

POINT@MSU on Facebook

 POINT@MSU on Facebook

POINT@MSU on Facebook

Thanks to the whole POINT team near and far for everything they do. And to you, who spread the word and support us along the way. Keep up with us as the app you're waiting for continues to take shape! Comin' for ya 2016. 


To B. Miller's fine example of killin the game, 

Adrienne Bingham

Blog Coordinator